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Digital Advertising Management

Digital media channels such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn now provide you with the opportunity to reach the audience you want, both personally and institutionally. Thanks to these social media channels, brands can now be in closer contact with their target audiences. In this way, brands that have the opportunity to get to know their target audience more closely, can set up the right advertising campaigns at the right time. Especially recently, advertisers from print or visual media observe that access is lower than digital media. However, you can communicate with the target audience by using new media methods and you can get healthier conversions from advertising campaigns designed in this sense.
Dijital Reklam Yönetimi

Our Advertising Services

Google Ads

With Google Ads, you can also choose your ads by country, region and city, so that your patients in regions close to you can reach you more easily. Keyword choices are very important in ads. It is necessary to reach the right users, that is, potential customers, with the right keywords. In Google Ads ads, you are paid only when the keywords you have chosen are clicked, your website is visited or you call by phone.

Instagram Ads

One of the platforms frequently used in social media is Instagram. There are over 1 billion Instagram accounts in the world that are actively used every month.When it comes to visuality, the first social media platform that comes to mind is Instagram.With Instagram ads, we highlight your posts and introduce your website to the target audience by targeting interests, as well as demographic characteristics such as age and gender.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is used by two billion people every month and is one of the social networks with the most members in Turkey. It includes users from all walks of life who are interested in technology.Facebook ads can be used to attract visitors to your website and increase website traffic. An interesting visual and effective text are very important in advertisements. With the right strategy, the appropriate advertising type and budget should be determined and the target audience should be reached. We provide you with monthly reporting on how many people the advertising efforts reached.

Youtube Ads

As İncekalem Digital Media, we prepare videos in the form of lectures, surgery videos or video interviews accompanied by questions for the purpose of informing patients about diseases or medical procedures that are of interest to doctors, dentists, psychologists, dietitians, veterinarians or other health professionals. We also shoot promotional videos for healthcare institutions such as hospitals, medical centers and veterinary clinics.By publishing these prepared videos on your or your institution’s website or social media accounts, we ensure that patients are informed about the subject and can contact you.

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